How to make perfect golgappa at home, just put this one thing while making it and get more crispy golgappa

Food Desk: Everyone’s mouth waters as soon as they hear the Nama of Chaat. Be it sev puri, dahi puri or pani puri. Especially hearing the name of Golgappa makes everyone’s mouth water. But in the Corona period, it has become very risky to go out and eat water. In such a situation, people make panipuri at home, but often they complain that it is not as puffy as the market. So let’s remove this tension today and tell you, the recipe of making phulki like the market. To make this you need…
Flour – 1 cup (150 grams)
Semolina – 3 tbsp (30 g)
oil – for frying

Wheat flour is used in most of the golgappas. But a small amount of semolina should be added to make the golgappas crispy and bloated. This makes the golgappas crunchy.

To make flour golgappas, mix 3 tbsp semolina in a cup of flour. Now add two spoons of oil to it and mix it well. Knead the dough well (remember that the dough is neither too tight nor too soft)

Keep the kneaded dough wrapped in a wet cloth for 30 minutes. After this, apply oil on the hands and mash the dough well and make it smooth.

Now make small balls of the dough and press it with your hand for about 2-3 minutes. This process will help us to make gol gappas crunchy.

Now make oval or round shape of gol gappas with the help of rolling pin.

Take a pan, pour oil in it, when the oil becomes hot, put the gol gappas in it. Turn the gas on medium flame. Fry them till they become golden in colour. Flip them over and fry for another 10 seconds.

Take out the prepared gol gappas in a mesh porridge, from this, the extra oil will come out from the puri, and it will come under the porridge. You put a plate under it.

When the gol gappas cool down, fill them with boiled potatoes, peas and serve them with delicious sour sweet water and enjoy the best golgappas from the market.

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