What are the main causes of brain stroke? Learn how you can identify the symptoms

Causes of Stroke, how to know what Happened : Stroke can happen to a person of any age. Due to the changing lifestyle and stress nowadays, people in the age group of 30 to 50 years are also falling prey to it. A brain attack is an emergency situation in which the blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Or else a blood vessel inside the brain bursts. In both these situations, not enough oxygen reaches the brain. As a result, the activities of the brain are unable to operate. Damage to any nerve of the brain can also kill a person suffering from paralysis of that particular organ. For example, if the nerve that runs the leg in the brain is damaged, then the legs can become paralyzed. Similarly the hand can also become paralyzed. Understanding the symptoms of stroke and getting treatment right away can save lives.

type of stroke

ischemic stroke
In this type of stroke, the blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain becomes narrowed or blocked due to clotting. Blood clots are formed due to the accumulation of fat in the inner wall of the arteries of the brain. This is the most common stroke. In this condition, there is not enough blood supply to the brain, due to which the functioning of the brain comes to a standstill.

Transient ischemic stroke
When the proper amount of blood is not supplied to the brain through blood vessels, then that condition is called Transient Ischemic Stroke. Many people feel some symptoms of stroke, but these symptoms go away on their own in a day or two. Such as weakness in hands and feet, problem in speech, face is oblique or balance deteriorates. It is very important to recognize them. This condition is most common in cases of transient ischemic stroke (TIS). TIS warns that you should take advice from a neuro specialist soon.

Hemorrhagic stroke
Hemorrhagic stroke is also called brain hemorrhage. Brain haemorrhage is a type of stroke. Brain haemorrhage is a serious medical condition. In which the blood vessel of the brain bursts. This situation is the main cause of severe paralysis. Cases of hemorrhagic stroke are more in high BP. The arteries of the brain burst inside the brain itself.

How to recognize stroke symptoms
If the patient is admitted to a good hospital in time (within 4 hours after the stroke), then life can be saved. This is the reason why it is important to recognize the symptoms of strokes. The most important way to do this is ‘BE FAST’, it can be understood in this way.

B- Balance – The person suffering from stroke loses the balance on his body. He can neither sit nor stand properly
E-Eyes – If a person suffering from stroke suddenly starts having blurred vision in one eye or both eyes, then understand that this condition may be related to stroke.
F-Face – In the stroke, the face is turned to one side. In this, the person is not even able to smile or it happens that the face is not visible straight.
A-Arms- In stroke, the arms ie the arms become loose, and there is a problem in raising them. In simple language, there is no life in them.
S-Speak – In a stroke, the victim has difficulty in speaking, his tongue starts to falter.
T-Time – Time is the most important thing in a stroke. In case of stroke, without wasting time, take the patient to the hospital immediately, as far as possible, take him to a hospital with good facilities. Where MRI, CT scan and better ICU facilities are there.

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major causes of stroke

high bp
If we talk about the biggest causes of stroke, then high blood pressure (High BP) will come first in this list. The doctor will call it hypertension, if your BP is usually more than 130/80, then you need to consult a doctor.

Smoking or using tobacco substances increases your chances of stroke. Nicotine raises your BP. Cigarette smoke causes fat to accumulate in the main artery of your neck.
It also thickens your blood and increases the chances of clot formation. Even passive smoking can affect you.

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heart disease
Heart disease refers to a condition when any valve of the heart is not working, there is an artery block or the heartbeat is irregular. Such a condition causes a quarter of all strokes in the elderly. Your arteries can also get clogged by fatty deposits.

People who have diabetes often have high BP and are more likely to be overweight. Both increase the chances of stroke. Diabetes damages your blood vessels, making stroke more likely. If you have a stroke when your blood sugar level is high, then your brain is more prone to injury.

weights and exercises
If you are overweight, your chances of stroke may increase. You can reduce your difficulties by doing workouts every day. Walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace, or work with muscle-strengthening exercises such as pushups and lifting weights. Apart from these, genetics, age and side effect of some medicines can also be important reasons for stroke.

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what the experts say
Nowadays, stroke risk has started increasing in young people only. Dr. Anuradha Batra, Consultant Neurologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi believes that the biggest reason for this is due to such age. Healthy lifestyle is not to be followed by people. He says that the risk of stroke also increases due to some carelessness. Like sleeping late, waking up late, not doing regular exercise, not eating food on time and eating fast food or junk food in the name of food and many types of addiction. Increasing stress in young and middle age people is also having a bad effect on the health of the heart and mind.

Danger can be averted with precautions

Keep blood pressure under control, high BP increases the risk of stroke. keep consulting doctor
Keep cholesterol under control, its increased level increases the chances of high BP.
Keep blood sugar under control, people with diabetes should avoid eating and drinking. Take medicine on time.
To avoid obesity, do regular exercise, eat green vegetables and fruits.
If someone in the family has already had this problem, then take all precautions, seek medical advice.
Avoid smoking and other intoxicants.


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