Side Effects of Brinjal: Brinjal is often included in the food, then know these important things

Side Effects of Brinjal: Many people like to eat eggplant. Especially dishes like brinjal ka bharta and stuffed brinjal bring water in the mouth. In such a situation, people often make brinjal vegetables. But let us tell you that sometimes eating brinjal can be harmful for you. Actually, there are many health-related problems in which eating brinjal can put you in trouble. Because this can increase your problems a lot. So let us tell you today what are those problems, due to which you should avoid eating brinjal.

But before that let us also tell you that if you eat brinjal and you do not have any kind of health problem. Even then you should not eat brinjal after frying. Due to this the nutrients present in the brinjal are exhausted. It is always better to eat brinjal after roasting or boiling it.

having stomach problems

If you have any kind of stomach related problem then you should avoid eating brinjal. Because due to this you may have to face problems like stomach pain, gas, indigestion and vomiting.

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during pregnancy

You should avoid eating brinjal during pregnancy. Actually eating brinjal during pregnancy can be harmful for the development of the fetus.

in weight loss planning

If you are thinking of losing weight or are trying all kinds of ways to lose weight. Even then you should avoid eating brinjal. This may increase your weight instead of reducing it.

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having any kind of allergy

Even if you have any kind of allergy in your body, you should avoid eating brinjal. Let us tell you that eggplant can work to increase your allergy problem. Even if you have any kind of problem in your eyes, you should avoid brinjal.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. English news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)


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