Gum disease gingivitis increases risk of premature delivery: Study

Oral care is also important in pregnancy : Although it has been asked to take all kinds of precautions during pregnancy, from time to time, doctors have been giving instructions regarding eating and drinking and sitting and getting up, apart from the elders of the house. At the same time, studies have also been done from time to time around the world for safe pregnancy and delivery. In this context, a study done by researchers of Australian University Study It has been claimed that oral care is also very important for pregnant women. Because during pregnancy, the risk of premature delivery ie premature delivery increases due to gum disease gingivitis. According to this study, many types of health problems increase with the increasing time of pregnancy, including gingivitis, which affects the delivery.

In gingivitis, there is inflammation of the gingiva, which is caused by the accumulation of a solid layer of plaque between the tooth and the gum. If it is not treated properly, then bacteria start accumulating, which damages the teeth. The findings of this study are published in the Journal of Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry. published Has been done.

What does this study say
Published by the University of Sydney study report In this, the effect of gingivitis on pregnant women has been highlighted. It states that in gingivitis, there is a discharge of inflammatory biomarkers and bacteria into the bloodstream, which can reach the umbilical cord. Due to which many complications can arise including premature delivery.

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Many more dangers from gingivitis
Gingivitis not only harms the health of a pregnant woman, but it also causes miscarriage, premature labor and low birth weight of children. It is also noteworthy that in prenatal children, along with brain injuries, hearing and hearing loss and other developmental malformations are also born.

study result
In this study, the oral hygiene of about one thousand pregnant women was tested. He was given supragingival and subgingival treatment and was also given information about oral hygiene. The report states that women who were treated for gingivitis had a significant reduction in the risk of premature labor and improved birth weight.

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Advice for pregnant women
According to the report, dentists should advise pregnant women to use an extra-soft toothbrush as well as an alcohol-free or saline rinse. Along with this, also ask for teeth cleaning in the second trimester of pregnancy.


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