Cooking cabbage, carrots and garlic will be beneficial or raw, know what will be better

Raw or Cooked carrots, cabbage and garlic? We include many things in our diet. Some eat things cooked, while some eat things raw. Onions, carrots, tomatoes, garlic etc. are eaten raw as well as cooked and eaten while potatoes, cabbage, spinach etc. like to be cooked only. But there is confusion in our mind about many things. People’s opinion on these things also remains divided. Some people say that raw carrots are very beneficial, while some people believe that carrots should be cooked and eaten. In such a situation, the confusion increases even more. It is important to know what is the truth in this situation. Here we will give you accurate information about carrots, cabbage and garlic whether they should be eaten raw or cooked.

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webmd According to the news, garlic is a plant full of medicinal properties. Its bud is eaten. The selenium in garlic and Antioxidants (Antioxidant) elements are found which protect against many diseases. It controls blood pressure and also protects against some cancers. According to the report, it is beneficial to eat garlic mixed with many things, but nutrients are found more in raw garlic. That’s why there is more benefit than raw garlic. When you prepare the vegetable, then you can eat it by adding it or you can mix garlic in the vegetable before the vegetable is ready.


Carrot is the favorite vegetable of winter. It contains carotenoids which protect the eyes. Like lycopene, carotenoids are easily digested by the body. However, it should not be cooked too much. Fresh carrots should be cooked very lightly. Apart from this, you can also eat carrots by steaming lightly. Carotenoids get digested well in the body due to light cooking.

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Cabbage (Broccoli)

Some people also eat cabbage after cooking, while some people make soup and drink it. If you do not get any taste in raw cabbage, then steam it lightly. This will make it soft and the taste will also come in the food. Steam the cabbage instead of boiling or frying it. present in cabbage Nutrients will not be destroyed.

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