Many US leaders praised Biden’s decision to give vaccine to India


Many American leaders have appreciated and supported America’s decision to give Corona vaccine to India. He said that it is a good initiative. These leaders have described the American vaccine as better than China or Russia. Biden has announced to donate 80 million vaccines. Out of this, 70 lakh doses will also be available to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Washington. The decision of America to give Corona vaccine to India has been appreciated by many American leaders. He called it a good initiative. Let us inform that America has assured all possible help to India, which is battling the second wave of Corona. Biden has decided to donate 80 million vaccine doses worldwide. Out of this, 70 lakh doses will be given to Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan including India.

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Republic Party Senator Mitt Romney described India’s help regarding the vaccine as a good and safe step. He said that countries like Taiwan and India are in dire need of Kovid-19 vaccines. That’s why he is happy that the Administration (USA) is moving forward with the implementation of its global vaccine distribution plan. Romney said that the US vaccine is safer and more effective than the Chinese or Russian vaccines.

Brian Fitzpatrick wrote – As a member of the Indian American Caucus, I request (US Government) that medical and vaccine supplies are needed to deal with the second dangerous wave of corona in India and to control this virus worldwide.

US Congress leader Troy Nehals said – I am going to ask the President to immediately help our ally India in the fight against Covid.

Senator John Corning said – I appreciate the Biden administration’s commitment to getting the COVID-19 vaccines to the countries that need them most. As co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, I believe that it will help India overcome the current dangerous situation of Corona.

US Senator Cindy Hyde Smith said – As India is fighting the Covid crisis, it is very important to help America with the vaccine as our friends and important ally.

Some of these leaders have also tagged the official Twitter account of US President Joe Biden.

Had talks with Modi and US Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s phone conversation with US Vice President Kamala Harris late Thursday night has further strengthened the relationship between the two countries. Let us tell you that Modi and Harris had their first conversation on January 21. Then a day earlier, Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of America.

Discussion on vaccine cooperation and medical help
PM Modi and Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized on further strengthening the vaccine cooperation between the two countries. Along with the talks on the post-Covid global health infrastructure, there was also concern about the economic crisis caused by the epidemic, along with wide-scale cooperation to overcome it.

America will give 80 million doses to many countries including India
US President Joe Biden told the media at the White House that America will donate 80 million vaccines to the world. Of these, 19 million doses will be sent through the global chain Covex. America will give 6 million doses to Latin America and Caribbean countries, while 7 million doses to South and South-East Asia. 50 lakh doses will be sent to African countries. According to Biden, 6 million doses will be given to the countries most affected by the epidemic. Apart from India, 70 lakh doses will be sent to Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. America has made preparations to send 25 million doses for the first batch.

Game-changer potential in India
US State Department spokesman Ned Price has said that India plays a game-changer in terms of the capacity to produce and store the vaccine. The US discussed increasing the product of the vaccine with India. He said that the US has invested $ 500 million in this direction.

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