The world accepted the Made in India vaccine: Estonia approved the vaccine, Covishield in eight EU countries


India had urged the European Union to exempt travel persons who have received the Made in India vaccine.

New Delhi. Made in India Kovid vaccine is gradually being accepted by all the countries of the world. The Embassy of Estonia has announced the recognition of vaccines made in India in their country. European Union countries have also lifted restrictions on Kovishield for those traveling in their country. At present, apart from Estonia, no other country has given exemption in travel to those who have got the vaccine.
Let us tell you that India had urged the European Union to give exemption to travel for those persons who have received the Made in India vaccine. Eight EU countries and Switzerland have decided to approve the Kovishield vaccine certificate at the request of India.

Till now, Kovishield has been recognized in these countries.

Among the vaccines made in India, Covishield has been approved by Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Estonia and Spain. Switzerland has also given permission to Covishield as it is WHO-approved.

Estonia recognized both vaccines

Estonia has recognized all vaccines authorized by the Government of India for those traveling from India.

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