Indian Railways: Huge freight village of railways being built near Jewar airport, thousands of people will get employment

New Delhi. A huge Freight Village is also going to be built by the Railways near Jewar Airport. This village of the Dedicated Freight Corridor of the Railways will be a multi-modal transport hub. This will not only create employment opportunities for thousands of people in the area but will also boost foreign trade and economic development within the country.

Freight Village will be connected with Airport, NH, Expressway and Rail Line
DFCC MD RK Jain has told News18India that this multi-modal logistic park will be connected to the airport, national highway, expressway and rail line. It will be at the junction of the Eastern and Western Corridors of DFC. From the ports of Maharashtra and Gujarat to the industries of Rajasthan and Haryana, and from the coal and other minerals of West Bengal and Jharkhand to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this will be an important milestone in the Gati-Shakti scheme of the Government of India. That is, it will be of great importance in terms of transporting all kinds of commodities to the destination within the country. Especially for Delhi and its surrounding cities, this logistics park is going to prove to be a boon.

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Rs 540 crore will be spent to build a freight village
On the other hand, being close to the Jewar International Airport, it is going to give a big boost to the goods and business coming from International Cargo. Logistics cost has been a major problem in India. Due to this, on an average, the price of goods increases by 15-16 percent. Whereas worldwide it is around 8 percent. To reduce this and better transportation, PM has started Gati-Shakti scheme. This freight village to be built near Dadri railway station is being built by NICDC. It will cost about Rs 540 crore to prepare it and will be spread over 800 acres.

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