What will happen legally if someone has not got the corona vaccine yet?

The opposition to getting the Corona virus vaccine is not new. Those who doubted vaccination from the beginning, and those who did not get the vaccine, have expressed their objection. Recently, this matter has increased when Serbia’s tennis star Novak Djokovic, who is not getting the vaccine, won a case in his favor in Australia. Huh. Somewhere from travel to workplace. But what is the opinion of the court on whether it has any legal basis in India.

The reason for protest in India is more political
Not getting vaccinated in India has been considered a less political matter of right. Many people have opposed the vaccine, they have done it on political grounds, but the question is, can someone claim on the basis of human rights that he will not allow needle pricks on his body and it is his personal right to do so, is it possible? Is.

how fair is the protest
This is happening in many countries of the world where people do not want to get the vaccine because of the side effects and they consider it their right to do so. This is actually a matter of debate as well. A strong argument of vaccine advocates is whether people can be given the right to become the cause of infection of others by allowing themselves to become infected.

how appropriate is the pressure
Last year, during the second wave of Kovid-19, there was a case of giving show cause notices to military personnel because they refused to get the vaccine. At the same time, in Gujarat too, there was talk of traders saying that if they do not get their employees vaccinated, then their shops will be closed.

old contradiction
This contradiction is not new. This is called the contradiction between public interest and private rights. In matters of health and trust, it is the responsibility of the state to create a balance and harmony between public interest and rights. After the world war, citing crises like death, destruction, many times the work of snatching the rights of the people has also been done.

different reasons in the world
There are different reasons for the opposition to the vaccine around the world. Where people in many countries start opposing the imperative due to the sensitivity of private rights, then many people start protesting due to apprehensions about the vaccine. There was a lot of opposition to the Kovid vaccine initially due to this reason. In many countries, ‘adulteration’ in blood was officially and legally outlawed.

Sensitivity to the provision of the constitution
Rights have been discussed from section 14 to 22 of the Constitution of India, in which section 21 gives people the right to live, the right to privacy. But some exceptions were allowed in this which become a matter of controversy. It should be put on the criterion of judicial propriety. Many a times, the high and highest courts of the country have considered this subject in the matter of forcibly feeding people sitting on fasting.

Last year, the Meghalaya High Court had also given its opinion in this matter. The court had said that it should be clearly and clearly understood that vaccination is the need of the hour so that the global pandemic can be dealt with. The court also quoted the great jurist Cardozo as saying that every adult and mentally sound human has the right to decide what should be done with his body. The court concluded that it did not see any statutory or constitutional reason to justify compulsory or forced vaccination.


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