Scientists in Russia are doing research on the loneliness of humans on the planets – know why

Now it will not be a mere imagination that humans will start living on planets like Moon and Mars outside the Earth. Billions of dollars are being spent on such campaigns. Not only this, now research is being done on sending humans even further than this. A large amount of research is going on for long missions, which are looking for solutions to the challenges related to them. Some of these challenges are major health challenges during long distance travel, which are being studied. In these, the passengers will remain alone for a long time and this can cause loneliness (Interplanetary Isolation) to be a big problem. Now scientists in Russia are doing a big study on this.

closed for 240 days
In this research, which started in Russia in November 2021, a team of international researchers, four voluntary participants, are locked in isolation chambers for 240 days. This experimental campaign named CIRUS 21 (SIRIUS-21) is going on in Russia’s Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP). In which there is cooperation of space agencies of many countries.

big isolation project
The CIRUS-21 project is a Scientific International Research in Unique Terrestrial Station Project programme. This is a large-scale international isolation project that NASA’s Human Research Program and IPMP are doing together for five years. A lot of combined scientific model experiments are being done in this.

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