James Webb Tapiscope Can Save Earth, American Expert Told How

The James Webb Space Telescope is heading towards its designated location and will be installed there by the end of this month. It is going to be the most complex and expensive space observatory ever. With this, such information will be available from distant space to our solar system, which we could never get till now. An American expert going to be associated with its use has told that its observation will also study the science of Venus, which will prove to be helpful in saving our Earth from climate change.

Venus will also be studied with this technique
This special telescope is a campaign of NASA and its other partner space agency. The NASA team selected for its use will be led by astrophysicist Stephen Kane of the University of California, Riverside. Kane will also join NASA’s Venus mission to be launched six years later. Kane told how the use of web technology would be useful in the study of the planet Venus and how the Earth would benefit from it.

Hubble and James Webb
The Webb Telescope has always been compared to the Hubble Space Telescope. While Hubble’s mirror is 8 feet, Webb’s mirror is 21 feet. Hubble revolves around the Earth, which makes it easy to control. But there is also a problem with this, many observations are not possible due to coming in the middle of the earth. But in the case of Webb, the earth will never be a hindrance.

no obstruction of earth sun
James Webb will be located at the Lagrange point where the Sun and Earth’s gravity repel each other, so it will be in its stable orbit. It will orbit the Sun millions of miles away from the Earth and the sunlight will not be obstructed with the Earth because it will always observe the signals coming from the opposite direction of the rays coming from the Sun.


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