For the first time, a deformed extraterrestrial planet twice the size of the planet found in the Milky Way

In the study of exoplanet, our astronomers do not take any kind of body lightly. Sometimes many qualities of a new extraterrestrial planet are found from the planets of the Solar System and sometimes only a few qualities of someone. In such a situation, sometimes some strange planets are also visible to astronomers. Astronomers have discovered one such strange deformed planet by the European Space Agency’s Characterizing Exoplanet or Cheops.

new information about the internal structure
This is the first time that astronomers have discovered a deformed planet. Another special thing about this planet is that it takes one round of its star in a single day. It is being told that this extraterrestrial can give a lot of new information about the internal structure of big planets. This structure also matches the composition of the planet Jupiter.

how is the sun of this planet
The name of this extraterrestrial planet is WASP-103b, which is located in the constellation Hercules, which is orbiting the WASP-103 star. This star is 1.7 times more massive than our Sun and is 200 degrees hotter. The deformity of this planet is its biggest attraction. Its relationship is being told from the tidal force between the planet and its star.

tidal force game
Information about this discovery has been published in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The study said that this is the first time that distortion caused by tidal forces has been observed directly through transit light coming from an outer planet. It has been said in the paper that this will give us information about the internal structure and composition of WASP-103b. With this, the reason for the swell of this hot Jupiter planet will be known.

The European Space Agency (ESA)’s Chiops vehicle has given information about this system of extraterrestrial. (Picture: ESA)

why is this planet deformed
The reason why the shape of this planet is so distorted is because it is near its star and its tidal force is believed to be responsible. Tidal forces can also be observed on Earth, due to which special activity is observed in the oceans. This happens as a result of the effect of the Moon’s gravity. But the Moon is so far away from the Earth that due to it, the Earth has not been deformed.

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than the master
But the case of WASP-103b is quite different. Its size is about two times bigger than the planet Jupiter and its weight is 1.5 times more than that of Jupiter. Not only this, this planet makes complete rotation of its star in a single day. Astronomers think that the tidal force must have been felt due to being so close. But till now they could not measure it.

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Usually exoplanets are spherical, but this planet was very close to its star. (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

internal structure
The researchers were able to find out how the tidal force would have caused distortion in the extraterrestrial WASP-103b, when planets are generally spherical. ESA says that the study has also revealed that the internal structure of this planet is similar to the internal structure of the planet Jupiter.

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The extent to which the deformation will occur depends on the chemical composition of the planetary substances. On Earth, where only the tidal effect of the Moon is visible, while the tidal effect of the Sun is also visible on it. From the amount of deformation of the planet, we can know how rocky the planet is, how much gaseous and how much water it is. Now researchers hope to get more information about this system from the James Webb Space Telescope.


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