VIDEO: Bhojpuri actor Gunjan Singh’s revenge mood to earn money, now selling cabbage, bathua and gram greens!

#Video | Chana greens | #Gunjan Singh, Antra Singh Priyanka | Chana Ke Sag | Bhojpuri New Song 2022: Bhojpuri star Gunjan Singh (Gunjan Singh) is now seen giving a tremendous competition to other superstars of cinema by releasing Bat to Back songs. He had launched Dahi Chuda Khilbo Bhauji with actress Sona Pandey on the day of Makar Sankranti and now he has come up with a new song. Trending Star has released Chana Ke Saag, which is getting a great response from his fans. This video is very funny to watch, in which Gunjan Singh’s style-e-statement is completely different from the rest of the stars.

Gunjan – Sona Pandey’s rustic style

In the video of Chana Saag, Gunjan Singh is seen wearing a colorful and colorful shirt in a rustic look, he has also put a scarf around his neck. At the same time, his co-star Sona Pandey is seen in a desi style of a village sister-in-law, who can be seen stuffed with sari, mangalsutra and vermilion in demand. Even though the lyrics of this song are gram greens, but Gunjan is seen selling many types of vegetables including Bathua, Cauliflower, Cabbage and many more.

very funny video

In the video, Bhojpuri fans are praising her mood and calling the song the best, which is showing the rural contours. This song is sung by Gunjan along with Antara Singh Priyanka, whose lyrics are written by Aman Albela. It is composed by Arya Sharma and directed by Aryan Dev.

Pramod lover has also sold cabbage flower

Let us tell you that earlier Bhojpuri cinema’s singer Pramod Premi Yadav cabbage has also gained popularity by selling green vegetables in the last month of 2021. He released ‘Gobhi Lel’S Ho’ in December 2021 in collaboration with Anisha Pandey. People also liked him very much.


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