These Bollywood stars are considered to be the enemies of Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar Enemies in Bollywood: Let’s know with whom Akki is messed up?

Akshay Kumar Enemies in Bollywood: Actor Akshay Kumar, who is called the player of Bollywood, is often in the headlines for one reason or the other. Akshay’s personal and professional life has always been in the news. Akshay’s career as a lead actor started with the film ‘Saugandh’. Although Akshay is the most settled and funny actor in the industry, but there are some people in some industries who were once considered his enemies. Let’s know with whom Akki has messed up?

Bollywood’s ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were once called enemies of each other. Alam was that Akshay did not even want to see Salman’s face. Media reports claim that Salman and Akshay’s fight was due to Twinkle.

Farah Khan

Farah and Akshay are not as close friends as they seem. Once Akshay had a heated argument with Farah. Farah and Akshay had a lot of debate during the film Joker itself. Actually Akshay was not happy with any part of the film and had said that he would not promote it. During that time, Akshay had a lot of debate with Farah.

Ajay Devgan

Everyone is aware of the story of the enmity between Ajay and Akshay. It doesn’t happen between them. Ajay had accused Akshay that because of him, Rajkumar Santoshi removes his scenes from many films. After this there was a lot of ruckus and in return Akshay also made serious allegations against Ajay Devgan.

Sunny Deol

The relationship between Sunny Deol and Akshay has not been anything special. Sunny and Akshay Kumar worked in the film Ziddi. It is said that once there was a fierce fight between the two due to Raveena Tandon.

John Abraham

There was a big fight between Akshay and John during Housefull 2. It is said that the fight between the two had increased so much that the bodyguards had to separate the two. Alam was that Akshay was about to raise his hand on John but both were separated.

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