Singer and director Raj Singh made his own way, know how his luck shone in the world of entertainment

There are some people in the world who dream big and go to great lengths to fulfill them. They have a madness to achieve their dreams and such people are also successful in fulfilling their dreams. His hard work is praised everywhere. Behind all this, one just needs to be calm and patient, which singer and director Raj Singh did. Today he is rich in talent personality. Always worked hard and never lost hope and today have made their place among the rising stars.

Raj Singh has been in the field of music and entertainment for a long time. He worked with creativity in the industry. Raj Singh is continuously rising to fame as a singer, director, music producer and now even a social media activist. Raj was also a DJ in the Southist Asian community and later started his own entertainment business Blaze Entertainment and Iconic Media Group. Organizing private parties, wedding ceremonies and other events also helped her to become a shining personality in the field of events and entertainment.

This journey was not easy for Raj but his firm intentions and hardworking nature always supported him, which made him a great success in his endeavours. Not only in Bollywood shows, she also showed her magic in Hollywood clubs which made her more popular in the world of social media. Even now the discussion is also that he will soon focus towards the regional music industry including South.

Raj said that ‘I always believed in giving my best. I have also faced a lot of competition in these works, but I was confident about my efforts and dedication and kept moving forward. This helped me pave my way to success and have reached the top in these pursuits.


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