Shooting of English remake of ‘Kaithi’ ‘Bhola’ begins, this big actress will be opposite Ajay Devgan, know details

Year The shooting of the English remake of the Tamil film ‘Kaithi’ released in 2019 has started. Ajay Devgan is in the lead role in the film. The name of the English remake of Kaithi is ‘Bhola’. In the film, Ajay Devgn will play the character played by actor Karthi. Being in the film of Ajay Devgan has increased the excitement among the people. Its fans are also desperate to know which actress will be opposite Ajay in this film. Although it has also been revealed.

According to the report of ETimes, Tabu will be opposite Ajay Devgan in ‘Bhola’. A source close to the film reveals, “Tabu has been finalized for the English remake of ‘Kaithi’.” The pairing of Ajay and Tabu has been considered to be the best on screen and they have worked together in many films. The two were last seen together in the film ‘De De Pyaar De’.

Muhurta of ‘Bhola’ happened on 11th January

According to the report, Ajay Devgan did a muhurta on 11 January for ‘Bhola’. Only after that, he shot for the film, but only for 56 minutes (7.44 am to 8.35 am). The film’s lead actors and other technicians strictly followed the Kovid-19 protocol to prevent corona infection. The shooting was done at Filmistan Studio in Goregaon (West).

Ajay’s cousin is directing ‘Bhola’

Dharmendra Sharma is directing ‘Bhola’, who is Ajay Devgan’s cousin. The cinematography of the film will be done by Aseem Bajaj. Dharmendra, along with another cousin of Ajay Vikrant, had accompanied him to the Sabarimala temple on Wednesday. In Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, Ajay followed all the rules that have been set by the temple board for darshan in the temple. This rule has to be adopted by every devotee who visits.

Ajay Devgan did these things before visiting Sabarimala

Please tell that before visiting the Sabarimala temple, special rituals and rules have to be followed. Ajay slept on a mat on the floor for 11 days, wore black clothes, worshiped Ayyappa twice a day, ate only vegetarian food without garlic or onions, walked barefoot wherever he went, Neither did he use perfume nor did he drink alcohol.


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