Kundali Bhagya 25th Nov update: Prithvi got a shock after hearing Sherlyn’s words, will Rishabh leave the house

On November 25, in Kundali Bhagya 25th Nov Update, it was shown that Rishabh leaves the house and Sherlyn also goes to meet Prithvi. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that the tag of good daughter-in-law was taken from her. She tells that she told Rishabh about the affair. Prithvi gets shocked and asks Sherlyn why he did this. She says that she just said that she
Loves Prithvi and this is her child and not Rishabh’s. Prithvi is shocked to hear about the child.

It is shown in Kundali Bhagya that Prithvi asks Sherlyn if she is joking. He fiercely tells Sherlyn to ruin everything. Prithvi says that he had brought him to destroy everyone in the Luthra house. At the same time, Sherlyn says that she ruined his life. Prithvi counts Sherlyn for her mistakes. She says that Rishabh has come to know about the whole truth. Earth starts worrying. Prithvi says that now he should pack his belongings and run away from the house.

Meanwhile, Rishabh looks broken and sad. He remembers the moments spent with Sherlyn. When he used to take care of Sherlyn. He talks to himself that why did he marry her at the behest of Rakhi, that too with a girl who doesn’t care for anyone. Rishabh starts throwing things on the floor. Sherlyn comes home by then and thinks that by now Rishabh must have told the truth to everyone. When Sherlyn comes to the house everything is normal.

Rakhi and Kareena are sitting in the hall and he calls Preeta to sit together. Rishabh comes downstairs and seeing Sherlyn gets scared that Rishabh might get tensed. Rishabh tells Rakhi that he wants to leave the house and go. Everyone is shocked to hear this but by then Rishabh leaves from there and Preeta asks Sherlyn what happened between the two.

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