KRK shared the video of fake six pack abs, asked- Who uses in Bollywood? got this answer

KRK i.e. Kamal Rashid Khan, apart from his controversial remarks, is also in the headlines for frequently messing with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. KRK often shares posts against Salman Khan on social media. Due to which he has also been in trouble many times, but even after this he has not stopped commenting on the Bollywood star. Now once again by sharing a post, KRK has tried to target Salman Khan without naming him.

Kamal Rashid Khan has shared a video of Fake ie Fake Six Pack Abs. In the video, a man can be seen using fake abs. While sharing the video, Kamal R Khan has asked a question. And that question is- ‘Can you tell me, who uses this fake six pack abs in Bollywood?’ Along with this, he has also created a zany face and a beaming face emoji.

While sharing the video, Kamal R Khan may not have written anyone’s name, but everyone is clearly able to understand in which direction he is pointing. Many users are also commenting saying that Kamal Rashid Khan is not pointing towards anyone else but towards superstar Salman Khan. Commenting on the video shared by KRK, a user has written, Salman Khan’s six packs are edited with VFX.

At the same time, some are sharing a video clip of Salman Khan. In which his stomach is visible. However, it is not hidden from anyone that how hard Salman Khan works on his fitness and how much he sweats in the gym. There are many such pictures of him on social media, in which he can be seen sweating in the gym.

Let me tell you, in the past, Salman Khan and Kamal R Khan were sent a legal notice on behalf of the film after doing a defamation case. After this, Salman’s legal team DSK issued a statement saying that ‘Kamaal R Khan has shared the tweet and video alleging that Salman Khan has done a defamation case against him for the negative review of the film ‘Radhe’. .


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