In front of Salman Khan, Bodyguard Shera said the dialogue of ‘Antiam’, furious Bhaijaan said – ‘Today it really went’

Salman Khan’s personal bodyguard Shera is also very excited for the release of Bhaijaan and Aayush Sharma’s new film ‘Antim: The Final Truth’. Shera has been working with Salman Khan for the last 26 years. Shera has spoken a popular dialogue of ‘Antim’ to be released in theaters today. In this, Salman can be seen getting angry with Shera and scared of Shera. Its video has been shared by Salman Khan and Shera himself on his Instagram account.

Salman Khan Video has shared this video a few hours ago. In this, Shera and Salman can be seen in black t-shirt. Salman is standing leaning against a table. Standing behind them, Shera is speaking the dialogue of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’. Shera says, “The day this Sardar’s hatti will not… that day everyone’s will break.. Today this Sardar’s hatti has happened.” Shera speaks this dialogue while pointing towards himself. That is, he calls himself a Sardar. Only then comes the voice of the person recording this video. He says, “You have gone. Your work is done, son.”

Salman Khan then looks back. Then Shera (Shera Dialouge Video) speaks this dialogue again, pointing towards Salman. Salman smiles a little. Then Salman Khan pointing towards himself says, “Earlier he did it by pointing towards himself, didn’t he..?” Salman looks at Shera a bit angrily. Then Shera says, “No, the owner did it by doing this, this Sardar had said. It was Sardar (pointing to Salman).”

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Salman Khan said- ‘Really gone’

Salman Khan smiles again and says smiling at the camera and says, “Today it really went.” He looks back again. While sharing the video, Salman Khan said that the film ‘Antim’ is being released in theaters from November 26. Actress Sangeeta Bijlani has commented a laughing emoji on this post of Salman.

‘Antim: The Final Truth’ releases today

‘Antim: The Final Truth Release’ has been released in theaters from today. Aayush Sharma is in the lead role in the film. Who is playing the role of a goon, while Salman Khan has become a Sardar cop. Apart from these two, Mahima Makwana and Pragya Jaiswal are also in important roles in the film. The film has been directed by Sanjay V Manjrekar.

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