Hiccups & Hookup: Prateik Babbar believes in ‘casual sex’ as right, said – what is wrong, I have also tried

Sign Babbar (Prateik Bababr Web Series) is busy promoting the upcoming web series ‘Hicups & Hookups’ very soon. Actress Lara Dutta is also in an important role in this. She is playing the character of Prateek’s sister in the series. In the series, sex and relationships will be shown in a bold and modern style, which you can see in its trailer. In the interview related to the promotion of the series, Prateik Babnar talked about his personal life. He said that he talks to his didi Juhi Babbar in any way in real life.

Prateik Babbar also talked about sex in an interview given to NBT. He says that he does not consider sex to be wrong. He said that those who do not believe in things like love, they believe in casual sex. He said, “I have also tried casual sex. I think people go through this at some point or the other. One night stand, fling, hookups, I have gone through that too.”

Talking increases mutual understanding

Prateik Babbar said in the interview, “It can happen to any of the women, men. We have got two types of reactions regarding this show. Some people say that we have raised the issues on which the curtain has fallen for centuries. But some people believe that it is not right to show sacred relationships like this. I believe that when we openly talk about taboos like sex in front of our family, then our mutual understanding and bonding increases.

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taking advice from sister

Prateik Babbar also talked about bonding with his sister. He said that as much as he is open to his sister Lara Dutta in this series, he can talk to his sister in the same way. He said, “I take advice from Didi, Didi also consults with me when she needs it. For years we have been taught that we cannot talk to family members on many issues, but it is not so. I think we need to learn from the younger generation.

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