Congress’s ‘Bikini Girl’ promise will make Hastinapur free from Draupadi’s curse, will make Chandigarh

Meerut. Actress Archana Gautam, who was Miss Bikini India in the UP Assembly Elections 2022, will also try her luck. Actress Archana Gautam will be the Congress candidate from Hastinapur assembly seat. Congress candidate Archana Gautam, 26, says that it is a good thing that she does not have any knowledge of politics. She says that she knows people what to do for them. It is only two months since she turned actress-turned-politician, but she wants to develop Hastinapur on the lines of Chandigarh. Archana Gautam, who has spread her acting skills in many films, is now promising to make Hastinapur a tourist place. Archana is saying this time and again that she considers herself lucky that she does not have knowledge of politics, but she talks about taking people’s issues to the assembly.

Not only this, Archana also says that she will free Hastinapur from the curse of Draupadi. Actress Archana Gautam, who has been living in Mumbai for five years, says that if she wins, she will turn Hastinapur into Chandigarh. She says that she does not make big promises to the people of Hastinapur, but for their voice. Assembly Will spin again and again. Archana Gautam says that she was born in the Mawana area of ​​Meerut and wants to serve her motherland. Archana Gautam told that she has also taken a degree in journalism. Regarding the job in real estate, then acting and now coming into politics, she says that she entered politics only after seeing Priyanka Gandhi on TV. Archana says that I can fight a girl, she is very impressed with the slogan.

Talk about making Hastapur a tourist spot
Archana says that the work of an actor and a leader is the same. Archana Gautam says that she wants to contest the election because at one time the foundation of Hastapur was laid with Chandigarh. But where is Chandigarh and where is Hastinapur? She repeatedly talks about making Hastapur a tourist spot. Addressing BJP MLA from Hastinapur Dinesh Khatik as Sir, Archana says that he is our brother and with everyone’s blessings, she will move forward. She considers politics wrong in the name of religion. She says that just as the corona virus is spreading, the virus of religion is spreading in all parties. This virus has to be stopped. She calls the Congress party secular. Archana Gautam says that she will win because she is the daughter of Hastinapur. They say that by winning from Hastinapur, they will serve the public by building bus stations and railway stations there.

Have done work in these films
Archana Gautam, who has acted in many South films, says that two of her films are releasing on the next 28th. She told that she has been Miss UP 2014. She has also been Miss Bikini India 2018. She has also represented India at Miss Bikini World in Malaysia. Archana told that she has worked in films like Great Grand Masti, Haseena Parkar, Baraat Company, Junction Varanasi, IPL Goons Think.


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