Arvind Akela Kallu’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Garda Macha Gail’, video started trending on YouTube

Bhojpuri actor and singer Arvind Akela Kallu is not interested in any identity. If any of his videos come, then there is a ruckus. In such a situation, now his new music video has become popular as soon as it is released, whose lyrics are ‘Garda Macha Gail’. Just like its lyrics, the song has also created a mess. Its video has started trending on YouTube. Viewers and Kallu fans are giving great response and liking it a lot.

The video of Bhojpuri Song ‘Garda Macha Gail’ has been released from the YouTube channel of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri. The audience is very fond of it. This song of Kallu is going to be fun. The actors are dancing fiercely in this. Enjoying the song a lot too. In this, actress Apsara Kashyap and Akanksha Dubey are seen with him. He is showing tremendous dance steps with both. Along with this, their pair is also being liked a lot. Both the actresses are showing amazing performances with their dance and expressions. The video of the song has been shot on a large scale and looking at the greenery in the background, it looks like it has been shot at a hill station.

The song of Kallu (Arvind Akela kallu gaana) ‘Garda Macha Gail’ video is trending at number 15 on YouTube till the time of writing the news. Its video has got more than 17 lakh views and more than 74 thousand likes so far. Arvind Akela Kallu and Shilpi Raj have decorated this song with their best voice. It is written by Govind Vidyarthi. Its music is given by Priyanshu Singh. It has been filmed on actress Apsara Kashyap and Akanksha Dubey. The video is directed by Bibhanshu Tiwari and choreographer is Lucky Vishwakarma. The production is done by Nishant Singh.


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