Will the vaccine be effective against ‘Omicron’? Oxford University report scared the world

corona virus (Coronavirus) Variants of Omicron (Omicron Variant) But the debate about the effect of the vaccine continues. After Pharma company Moderna now University of Oxford (Oxford University) has said that there is no evidence that the Kovid-19 vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) With the help of Omicron variants, it will help in preventing serious diseases. AstraZeneca if needed (Astrazeneca) An updated vaccine can be developed to fight this variant. Earlier, the Chief of Moderna had said that the current Kovid-19 vaccine is less likely to be effective against the new variant of Corona, Omicron. Global markets were badly broken after this statement.

Last week, the University of Oxford said that there is still limited data on the Omicron variant and that we will closely examine the vaccine’s effect on it. A statement issued by AstraZeneca said that despite the appearance of new variants of the corona virus over the past year, the vaccine has consistently provided better protection against serious diseases, but so far there is no evidence to suggest that the Omicron variant Something is different. However, if the need for a new vaccine is felt, then we have all the necessary resources and processes with the help of which the updated Kovid-19 vaccine can be developed.

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there 2 days ago Moderna (Moderna) Paul Burton, Chief Medical Officer, also said that he doubts that the current corona vaccine will be effective on the Omicron variant. If we feel the need for a new vaccine, then by improving the existing vaccines, it can be made available in large numbers in the next year 2022. According to Bloomberg, Paul Burton told that Moderna is investigating the effectiveness of the current vaccine against Omicron variants.

Let us inform that after the Omicron variant of the corona virus was found in South Africa, the World Health Organization warned that it was a serious variant. After this, the strictness of Kovid rules was increased in all the countries of the world.

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