Those recovering from Covid-19 have to wait a long time for life insurance! Waiting period of up to 6 months

New Delhi. People who have been victims of Kovid-19 may have been cured of this disease, but difficulties have not left them yet. Now people who are corona infected are having trouble in buying life insurance. Insurance companies are now reluctant to insure the people who have been hit by Corona. Life insurance companies are giving a waiting period of one to three months to people who have recovered from Kovid to buy an insurance policy.

Depending on the severity of the infection and the need for hospitalization, insurance companies are deferring insurance policy proposals for people who have recovered from COVID-19. In some cases, a waiting period of up to six months is being given. The waiting period on term insurance is more. Companies are also demanding other medical tests like X-rays from people who already had some diseases and who have come under the grip of corona.

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fear of after effects of corona

According to the news of Business Today, Sajja Parveen, Term Life Insurance Head,, says that India is currently in the middle of the third wave of Kovid-19. Corona cases have increased tremendously in the last few weeks. Right now no one knows what will be the after effects (covid-19 after effect) of the new variant Omicron of Corona.

Therefore, a person who has just recovered from corona infection has to wait a little longer to take a term life insurance policy. In term insurance, a large sum of money is insured for a person at a very low premium. Experts say that the waiting period helps in knowing the after-effects of Kovid-19, which can be later disclosed in the disclosure form at the time of buying the policy.

It is necessary to fill the form regarding Kovid

Those wishing to buy a term plan have to compulsorily fill up a COVID declaration form. In this, among other things, it is also asked whether they have been affected by the virus in the last 90 days or not. Apart from this, test results are also sought based on the severity of the infection.

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waiting period of one to six months

IndiaFirst Life Insurance has a waiting period of 30 days to 6 months for people affected by Kovid. According to a report in, IndiaFirst Life Deputy CEO Rishabh Gandhi said that if a person is not home quarantined then we have 30-days. But if he is in home quarantine and he has some pre-existing diseases then the waiting period can be 60 days. This waiting period can be up to six months for more severely affected people requiring hospitalization.


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