Online transaction will not fail, follow these steps for Google Pay payment

Online Transaction: Megha Jain bought some medicines from a medical store and paid it through her mobile wallet Google Pay. Money was deducted from Megha’s account, but the money did not come to the medical store’s account. After trying for a long time, he had to pay in cash. Now he had to struggle a lot to get back the online transaction.

Many times it happens on Google Pay when you make a transaction it fails. And this is a very common occurrence. This happens quite often with people using online payments. In such a situation, you remain afraid that your money has been deducted and to whom you are sending money has not reached it.

This kind of situation can be got rid of. Here we are discussing about some such tips, on the basis of which you will not face any problem while doing online transactions.

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internet speed
Internet speed plays a big role in online transactions. Most of the transaction failure cases are due to slow speed data. If your internet connection is slow then you will not be able to complete the transaction properly. So whenever you do online transaction, check how is the data speed in your mobile. If the internet speed is less then do not do the transaction.

wait a bit
If you are transferring money from your smartphone to someone’s account or making any payment and the transaction fails, then you should not do another transaction immediately. By doing this there is a possibility of failure of the second transaction as well. So wait a bit. If you do not do this, then the transactions will fail again and again and money will also be deducted from your account.

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Another transaction only after one transaction is completed
When you do a transaction, do another transaction only after the transaction is completed. A green indicator is shown for the transaction. Green color is the signal which tells that the time is right to do the transaction, after that do the transaction. Once the QR code is scanned, wait for a few seconds and do the transaction only after that. Don’t be hasty at all. This may cause the transaction to fail.


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