In just 12 days, this multibagger penny stock doubled the money of the shareholders, know the stock price

New Delhi. These days many multibagger penny stocks have given excellent returns to the investors. There are also some stocks that made their shareholders rich within a few weeks. The share price of Pilita is a great example of this. This penny stock has doubled its shareholders’ money in just 12 trading sessions.

Taking a look at the share price history of Pilita, this penny stock was under selling pressure even before the start of the new year and touched its 52 week low of Rs 5.90.

Money doubled in 12 days
On 27 December 2021, the stock closed at Rs 7.45, while on 12 January 2022, the stock closed at Rs 16 on NSE. In just 12 trading sessions, this stock has given a return of 115 per cent.

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Know what experts say
The stock of Pilita has shown strong growth after giving a fresh breakout at Rs 10.40. Some profit-booking can be seen in this stock in the coming trading sessions but overall sentiment remains bullish for this penny stock. In the short term, this stock can show a level of Rs 19-20.

This share did not give return of 7000% in 1 year
Apart from this, the share of Simplex Papers is one such example. This paper product stock has increased from Re 1 to Rs 71.30 in the last 1 year. It has given returns of more than 7,000 per cent to its shareholders during this period. In the last 6 months, this stock has given a return of 1500 percent and has increased from Rs 4.41 to Rs 71.30.


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