Take care of these things while driving a car in winter, there will never be a problem

New Delhi. Winter is at its peak these days in the northern part of the country. On one hand there is snowfall in the hilly areas, while the plains are in the grip of fog. Driving a car in such weather is often a very challenging task.

During this, the risk of accidents due to fog also increases. But in such weather, if we take some precautions while driving, then driving a car can be very easy.

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warm up the engine
The most important thing in winter is whenever you start your car. So let the engine warm up for some time without using the accelerator. Let us tell you that using the accelerator affects the engine of the car, especially if your vehicle is of diesel engine.

keep charging the battery
People who have old battery in their car and they do not use their car much. Such people must drive their car for at least 5-7 km in 3-4 days. By doing this, the car battery is always charged and the car does not face any problem in starting the car in the winter season.

fix car wipers
If the rubber of your car’s wiper is getting spoiled even a little, then replace it too. The cost of car wipers starts from around Rs.200. In the winter season, when there is fog or when the dew falls, then the wipers work to clean the windshield.

use defogger
If there is a lot of fog outside in the winter season and your car has a defogger, then it should be used. Many times moisture comes on the rear glass, in such a situation, with the help of defogger, you can clean it quickly. The defogger generates heat on the glass, which eliminates moisture.

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Avoid using emergency indicator while driving
In the winter season, instead of avoiding the emergency indicator, you should use headlights. Actually, if you will use the emergency indicator in the winter season, then you will not be able to use it while turning the car. In such a situation, your vehicle’s risk of getting into an accident will increase.

fix car fog lamps
If your car’s fog lamps are not working then get them fixed. If the car does not have fog lamps then get them fixed. Fog lamps prove to be very useful in the winter season when there is fog.

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Use of anti fogging element
It is common to see fog inside the car during winters. To remove it, you can use any element like anti fogging spray, silica gel. If you want, you can also keep rice stuffed in a small cloth bag. With this, the problem of fog inside the car will go away a lot.

use of ac
This is the best way to remove moisture from the windshield. If there are more people in your car, then their body temperature increases the temperature inside the car. In such a situation, if the temperature outside the car is 8 to 10 degrees, then you can make the temperature of the AC from 18 to 20 degrees. Heater should not be used to remove steam


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